On Page SEO Best Practices for Small Business Owners

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In the history of SEO, the ranking factor of a content and piece of search engine results has basically come down to 2 key factors: authority and relevancy built through content of your site, when optimizing your website content, focus mainly on your website copy on targeted keywords that match what your consumers are looking for online.

The main rule of on-page search engine optimization is to think about what your customers might be looking for online and ensure that you use those keywords on the website pages. This will increase the chances of reaching those consumers as they go to Google, Yahoo , Bing and other search engines.

On-page SEO is basically about 2 main things:

1- Selecting the best keywords to optimize your website, there are many keyword research tools available but we highly recommend using Google Keyword Planner.

2- Providing clear message to search engines that your web pages revolves around those best keywords.

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